10 Karachi Eat Stalls That Are Upping The Ante in 2022

After two long years of a hiatus, the iconic Eat Festivals are finally back. The old experience of staying at home and eating out of take-out containers is seemingly over, and we’re ready with our vaccination cards and stretchy pants to eat our hearts out.


Beach View Park has booked out the 14th, 15th and 16th for the three-day food-festival extravaganza. Eats Official had a first-look into the most-innovative stalls joining the Karachi Eat family.

1. Holy Smokes - Charcoal Burger

If you’re looking for a charcoal bbq burger, that has a perfectly pink, medium middle filled with meat juices that can block an artery, Holy Smokes is what you’re looking for. The name Holy Smokes is so apt because you’ll feel like you’ve reached the seventh heaven when you try his signature smokehouse burger. Try it in a ciabatta or a brioche bun, both are just as stupidly delicious. They also have a lobster roll on their menu that can cure any sadness you have.

2. Bhukkar Khukkar - Butter Chicken Burger

Burgers are an overly saturated market. Bhukkar Khukkar takes fast-food and desi food and mashes them both into a symphony of delicious, albeit confusing flavors. The creaminess of the butter chicken sauce, the crisp of the chicken breast , the butteriness of the bun. This is definitely an option for people who are sick of traditional burgers and crave a desi twist in their food instead

3. K-PAV - Bombay Masala Sandwich

Don’t let the humble appearance of this sandwich deceive you. The Bombay Masala Sandwich from K-PAV has everything you crave. Crunchy bread on it’s exterior, masala-filled insides, and crispy saveyien on top. This dish will definitely transport you to the streets of Bombay without having to catch a covid-ridden flight!

4. Cookie House - Assorted Cookies

These gourmet cookies left the tasting table faster than they were put on. The show-stopper cookie was the apple pie flavour, filled with cinnamon, nutmeg spices and caramel apples in the middle. The outside was crispy, the inside was gooey and our hearts were stupidly happy. Cookie House are also presenting a Birthday Cake Cookie, as well as a double-chocolate cookie, and a red velvet!

5. Manhattan Express - Breakfast Sandwich

Speaking of transportation, Manhattan Express and their line of Breakfast sandwiches will transport you to the small-streets in bustling New York. Inspired by Japanese breakfast sandos, this stall is pulling out all the stops to become a breakfast joint worth visiting every morning. Their Zabar bacon & egg bagel sandwich is a top-seller, with their Chicken Katsu sandwich being another great option.

6. Wing Ting - Chicken Wings & Loaded Fries

A new wingery on the block, Wing Ting will make you forget WingItt ever existed. The stall has a new take on classic chicken wings, with flavors like sweet tamarind and a fermented thai chilli that will definitely melt your face off. Unlike other wing places, these guys are crispy, juicy and get pulled right of the bone. If wings aren’t your style, drop by for their Cajun Loaded Fries topped with crispy cubes of oozy cheddar, cajun seasoning and ranch sauce. It’s crispy, topped with oozy cheese & doused in a home-made ranch sauce, if that isn’t enough to sell you we don’t know what else will.

7. The Morning Catch - Fish Tikyani

You’ve heard of Tikka Biryani, but have you ever tried Fish Tikka Biryani? Yeah, we didn’t either. One taste is all you need to become an advocate for this sort of Biryani. Filled with desi-spices, and a smokey flavor from the charcoal - if you’re craving fish, the morning catch is your stall to visit.

8. Bake It Happen - Cakes & Cookies

No food festival is complete without something sweet and the stall to go to is Bake It Happen. Everything from their cakes, to their cookies taste like they’ve been made with a lot of love. Some of our favourite things were the spiced cookies, the banana-coconut bread and the apple almond cake. Stop over their stall to make your mouth a bit sweeter or grab their signature coffee to keep your insides nice and warm!

9. Nefis Foods - Halloumi Fries

We’ve all eaten fries, but have you eaten halloumi fries? Nefis foods are prepapring a wide variety of halloumi based products, such as halloumi seekh kebabs, halloumi styled Turkish pizza and a Burloumi styled cheese that has a unique taste, a rich aroma and a texture you’ll crave long-after finishing your plate!

10. Fiz & Bob - Roast Beef Sandwich

Tired of the same old beef sandwiches, but still want that beef flavor? Why not try Fiz & Bob’s smoked meat sandwiches. The owners are a food-obsessed home based couple who have smoked their own meat at home, and are serving up sandwiches that are reminiscent of the popular chain, Arbys. Filled with fresh ingredients, you can’t go wrong.

11. Craft - Bone Marrow Lasagne

Who needs basic lasagne when you have a bone-marrow topped lasagne made with a home-made, beef-shin braised meat and a rich, tomato ragu made with rich egg yolk pasta. This lasagne is full of umami, delicious flavours that will leave your mouth in a flavour-bomb. The dish is topped with a parsley creme that balances the richness perfectly. This is one dish you’ll be wanting to lick the crumbs off your plate! Find all these delicious stalls and more at Karachi Eat 2022. To buy tickets for the event, visit us *here* - hyoerlink to ticketwala