Making Sense of The Madness That is Karachi Eat

Karachi, we know you love food and sometimes, only food. So, we’re giving back to our community about how to have an amazing experience at the Eat Festivals this year. 

Every year, during Mid-January, Karachi Eat fans find themselves in a sea of food stalls with a glisten in their eyes and a pocket full of spending.

1. Talk To Vendors

Karachi Eat stall vendors are very excited to be cooking for so many people! They are just as overwhelmed by the surroundings as you are. To have the best experience, be polite and cordial to the stall vendors. If you are looking for a recommendation, feel free to ask them what to try from their stall since they know best. The positive, exciting energy will definitely make you enjoy waiting in line a little while longer!

2. Wear Comfortable Shoes

This one may be a bit obvious, but based on the Karachi Eat team, there are countless people who have bleeding feet at the end of the day. Remember that the venue for this year is a park, so wear shoes that won’t get spoiled by grass or the soil. Something like a big chunky sneaker should do you well and get you through all the stalls quickly and efficiently

3. Use Our Helpful Partners

This year, we wanted to make the exit waiting lines smaller and more accessible for people without a lack of internet. Exit the festival from the main gates and find our Careem taxi stand outside. No waiting, no booking, no traffic hold up. Just as simple as sitting in a Careem and going home. If you need a ride into the festival, from Hyderabad or any place in Karachi, you can use our SVWL bus services and avail a discount on the ride!

4. Timing is Everything

Time and time again, festival goers constantly complain about chaos and rush without planning their visits out. The best time to visit the festival is on Friday, right after Friday namaz. Otherwise, if you want to visit on Saturday and Sunday the best time to visit is before 2pm, when the lunch rush starts to go.

5.  Bring Your Appetites

The smartest way to try everything at the festival is to try a signature item from every stall. Grab a group of friends in your covid-safe bubble or your family and take them from stall to stall trying a little nibble of something. This means you can try everything without getting really full. After all,  sharing is caring!